Patient Resources

Patient Resources

The Institute offers many programs, services and capabilities that address our patients’ special needs:

  • Patients can consult with multiple physicians on treatment options, undergo tests and receive results—all during a single appointment, at one location. This capability saves time and facilitates specialists’ access to patients’ medical records.
  • Patients also have the option of consulting with the surgical team’s support specialists to gain a complete awareness of the surgical process. These specialists include neuro-anesthesiologists, radiation-oncologists, interventional neuroradiologists and neuro-oncologists, along with experts in swallowing disorders and minimally invasive spine surgery.
  • Our physicians and surgeons strive to establish a collaborative relationship with each patient’s referring physician, and with all medical professionals intimately involved with patient care. This practice reinforces the continuity of care before and after surgery.
  • We understand that personal appearance can influence a patient’s recovery. For example, we don’t remove a surgical patient’s hair unless absolutely necessary. This small consideration can help facilitate recovery and strengthen patients’ self-esteem.

Patient Networking

Our patient networking program puts patients in touch with each other, especially new patients with former patients who have experienced a similar disease, condition, or treatment.

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Angelo Reppucci, MD

Dr. Reppucci is double board certified in both otolaryngology and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery with special expertise in rhinoplastic facial plastic surgery.