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Doug Peck’s Story

“We are going to take care of this. It’s going to be okay.” These were the first words Dr. Peter Costantino said after examining Doug Peck. Dr. Constantino’s diagnosis gave Doug and his mother hope and confidence after years of uncertainty and fear. Read More


Rulan Tangen’s Story

As a hardworking professional dancer, Rulan Tangen was in "total disbelief that my body — which was my finely tuned instrument — could possibly have cancer."  Read More


Katy Zlatniski's Story

Katy was diagnosed in-utero with a lymphatic malformation of the right side of her neck. Something we have never even heard of before."  Read More

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Jeffrey Cheng, MD

Dr. Cheng specializes in all aspects of pediatric otolaryngology, including advanced endoscopic and openairway surgery, cochlear implantation, sinus surgery, and chronic ear surgery.