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The mission of the New York Head and Neck Institute (NYHNI), part of North Shore-LIJ Health System, is to provide seamless, integrated care across the many specialty fields for people with disorders of the head and neck. We are committed to compassionate, patient-first treatment with trusted doctor-patient relationships. We firmly believe in completely sharing all available information with our patients, powering every patient as an equal partner when it comes to decisions regarding their care. At NYNHI, our patients always come first.

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The Center for Hearing & Balance Disorders

HEARING & BALANCE DISORDERS Ear problems treated at the Center range from simple infections of the ear canal (swimmer's ear) to tumors of the nerve conducting impulses from the ear to the brain to enable hearing and balance. Treatments for these conditions vary from the use of sophisticated computerized instruments to localize the cause and location of a hearing loss or balance disorders, to cochlear implants to restore hearing to the deaf.

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NYHNI is part of the second largest, non-profit, secular healthcare system in the United States.

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Allan Abramson, MD

Dr. Abramson is a board certified otolaryngologist with special expertise in clinical and molecular aspects of laryngeal papilloma.