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  • Sleep Apnea Health Risks 07/24/2014 Dr. Yosef Krespi, Director of the Center for Sleep Disorders at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City discusses the health risks associated with sleep apnea.

    To visit the CBS News website and watch the interview click here.
  • Jamie Dimon Diagnosed With Throat Cancer: What He Can Expect 07/02/2014 Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase , explained in an internal letter to staff and shareholders on July 1 that he was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. 

    To visit the Forbes website and read the rest of the article click here.
  • New Device Helps Deaf Man Hear the World Around Him 07/02/2014 Dealing with congenital defects can be quite a burden, especially with limited resources. Lenox Hill Hospital and the Little Baby Face foundation helped a Harlem man tackle some crucial health issues at no cost to his family.

    To visit the North Shore-LIJ website and watch the full video click here.
  • Teen’s Death by Caffeine Highlights Risk of Common Supplement 07/02/2014 Find out what Tara Narula, Associate Director, Cardiac Care Unit, Lenox Hill Hospital has to say on the story.

    To visit the CBS News website and read the rest of the article click here.
  • Potential Medical Game Changer in Diagnosing Breast Cancer: 3D Mammograms 06/28/2014 Find out what Dr Kristin Byrne, Chief of Breast Imaging, Lenox Hill Hospital has to say about this potential  game changer in diagnosing breast cancer.

    To visit the Al Jazeera America website and watch the interview click here.
  • Harlem student graduates from secondary school after cutting edge bone hearing technology brings his hearing back 06/26/2014 One month after receiving an innovative hearing aid from Lenox Hill Hospital, Terrell Davis heard his own name spoken aloud in public for the first time during graduation.

    To visit the NY Daily News website and read the rest of the article click here.
  • Renowned Neurosurgeon John A. Boockvar, MD, Joins Lenox Hill Hospital and MEETH 06/09/2014 NEW YORK, NY – John A. Boockvar, MD, has been named director of the Brain Tumor Center for Lenox Hill Hospital (LHH) and Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital (MEETH), part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System, the health system announced today.

    Dr. Boockvar will also be the director of the Pituitary/Neuroendocrine Center and the Acoustic Neuroma program at the health system’s New York Head and Neck Institute. Dr. Boockvar’s cutting-edge basic and translational research program in neuro-oncology will be a part of North Shore-LIJ’s Feinstein Institute for Medical Research.

    For the past five years, Dr. Boockvar, served as co-director of the Brain and Spinal Tumor Program at the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center in Manhattan. At Weill Cornell Medical College, Dr. Boockvar served as director of the Brain Tumor Research Group and head of the Neurosurgical Laboratory for Brain Tumor and Translational Stem Cell Research. He also served as a member of the quality and patient safety committee, the institutional medical malpractice claims committee, and chairman of the hospitality team.

    Dr. Boockvar is a world-renowned neurosurgeon known for his surgical expertise in primary and metastatic brain tumors, meningiomas, pituitary tumors, acoustic neuromas, spinal and peripheral nerve sheath tumors, skull base and endoscopic surgery, minimally invasive spinal surgery and complex spinal disorders.

    Recognized for his novel research in brain tumors and stem cell biology, Dr. Boockvar has been named to the prestigious lists of New York’s Top Docs, Best Doctors in New York, America’s Top Surgeons, America’s Best Doctors, and America’s Best Doctors for Cancer.

    Dr. Boockvar’s research has been widely published and he has received numerous national awards. He has also been featured on numerous broadcast outlets such as CNN, ABC, CNBC, CBS, Fox News Channel and the nationally syndicated, Dr. Oz Show.

    In 2007, Dr. Boockvar received acclaim for helping save a New York City window washer who had fallen 47 stories. By operating on the patient’s brain and spinal cord, Dr. Boockvar not only saved the man's life, but also helped him walk again.

    Dr. Boockvar was also recognized in the anniversary issue of the New York Times Science section on Nov. 9, 2010. The newspaper asked science reporters and top researchers to provide their watch list for noteworthy advances in the next decade and to identify which "fields are hot.” This list included Dr. Boockvar and the studies he is conducting for people with glioblastoma multiforme.

    Like his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before him, Dr. Boockvar received his medical degree from SUNY Brooklyn-Downstate Medical Center. Dr. Boockvar graduated summa cum laude with Distinction in Research and was medical school class valedictorian. He completed his surgical internship and neurosurgical residency at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Dr. Boockvar did his NIH-supported post-doctoral research training in neuro-oncology at the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center. At Penn, Dr. Boockvar received the prestigious Ruth Kirstein NRSA award for his research in malignant brain tumors. He also directed the University of Pennsylvania pituitary and skull base laboratory and completed a dedicated complex spine surgery fellowship.

    To make an appointment with Dr. Boockvar, please call 212-434-3900 or click here.
  • New hearing aid allows young man to hear for the first time 06/05/2014 As an athlete, Terrell Davis couldn't hear his teammates or his coach. This young man from Harlem was born deaf --with ears that never fully formed or worked. A month ago, 2 surgeons at Lenox Hill Hospital corrected the bones in his face, rebuilt his left ear and implanted a new device-- called the "baha"-- a bone anchored hearing aid.

    To visit the Eyewitness News 7 website and read the rest of the article click here.

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