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Lulu DK Promotes Survivor-themed Jewelry Line to Support Brain Tumor Research and the NY Head and Neck Institute


On May 23, 2017 Lulu DK partnered with Veronica Beard to host a fundraising event at the Veronica Beard flagship storefront on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York City supporting research efforts of the New York Head & Neck Institute. A portion of all proceeds from sales at the boutique were immediately donated to the New York Head & Neck Institute’s research fund which supports ground breaking research targeting new and innovative treatments for tumors and diseases that affect the head and neck.


Lulu DK's business partner, Laurie Costantino, has continued to place research in the field of brain tumors in the forefront of her philanthropic mission. This ambition creates the amazing opportunity for collaboration with the NY Head and Neck Institute, an entity committed to supporting cutting-edge research and treatment for patients suffering from the myriad of diseases that affect the head and neck.



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Yosef P. Krespi, MD

Sleep Disorders

Dr. Krespi is a board certified otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon with special expertise in endoscopic sinus surgery, surgery to relieve snoring and sleep apnea and oral malodor. He serves as Associate Director of the NYHNI and Director of the Center for Sleep Disorders.